Located in Western Montana
Houle Creek Road
Winter views of Houle Creek Road, Houle Creek Road is located near mile marker 86 on I-90 and heads off North to the foothills in Western Montana

Above - This is a shot of Houle Creek Road in winter. The road runs down hill just above the nearer buildings from right to left. At the far center left of the photo it meets up with the I-90 frontage road at the Lovoi Underpass.
Left - A local whitetail doe dropping by for a meal after a fresh winter storm
In additon there is a link to the current local Houle Creek Weather. So if you like, please click on the link to find out how we are all doing at the moment.

Right - a view looking North up Houle Creek Road. The filled hay barn at right is evidence of a successful haying season in the fields noted above.